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Most safety culture change programmes start with a buzz of excitement and high expectations. But as time goes by, loss of momentum and dwindling enthusiasm risks your programme going stale. "During our programme's honeymoon we expected things would change, but it wasn't that immediate. Then we...

Excellent safety processes and procedures are important, but alone they aren’t enough to change embedded attitudes, values and beliefs that lurk behind persistent unsafe behaviour in your organisation. “Accidents were going down, but not quickly enough. We realised that you have to tackle underlying cultural causes....

Asking your workforce what they really think about safety sounds like a straightforward way to begin improving attitudes and unsafe behaviour. And with online surveys now quick and easy to build at the click a button it’s tempting to send out a questionnaire and just...

It’s easy to feel blinkered by financial troubles during this period of economic uncertainty. As downsizing and rationalisation dominate headlines, job security fears can distract your attention at the expense of safety. “When money’s tight, management focus on survival. Staff numbers are cut and those left...

Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy something that instantly prevents all accidents at work? Everyone would be safe and they could get on with their jobs. Reality is that no safety programme can truly promise that. Because strong safety culture doesn’t happen overnight. It...

Let’s face it: no one looks forward to tackling unsafe behaviour with their workmates. It’s a daunting task. Particularly if you’re the person in charge of it; as Julie Pollard, behavioural safety lead trainer at Fox’s Biscuits, reveals: “I've always thought of myself as outgoing and...

Where’s safer to work: an exposed quarry or a comfortable office? Like most people, do you perceive your office as the safest place to work? Well surprisingly, this isn’t always the case. We find that more incidents happen in administrative functions than in any other division...

With thirteen diverse business units in Europe alone, you’d think Eco-Bat group have an impossible challenge on their hands delivering a coherent safety culture change programme. But Andy Banks, head of HSE at Eco-Bat, has a few tricks up his sleeve to keep employees safe while...

Kohler Mira gained a dramatic 78% reduction in their incident rate over the last seven years in partnership with JOMC. And the number of workdays lost to injury at the company has decreased by 88%. You’ll recognise the Mira brand from their showers found in homes,...