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activate ACTIVATE

Why do people do what they do?

Our research programmes, including your culture assessment, will help you discover the reality of your present culture.


To activate your culture change journey, we’ll share our insight with your business leaders, agree the key behaviours required to drive change, and create a plan for how we will achieve your vision.


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Culture review and research

insight_practice ACTIVATE

Senior leadership engagement

preparationb ACTIVATE

Steering team and strategy

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Vision creation and branding

At a glance

[ Culture review & research ]
• Question set and logistics planning
• Survey promotion
• Benchmarking

[ Senior leadership engagement ]
• Inspirational storytelling programmes
• Conversation skills coaching
• Personal development plans
• Just culture programmes

[ Steering team & strategy ]
• Strategy documents
• Communication road mapping
• Chairing committees
• Regular webinar support
• Online ‘Engage’ campaign forums

[ Vision creation & branding ]
• Programme identities
• Work code infographics
• Golden rules programmes

sabotage ACTIVATE

What our experts say…

An Insight from Tribe Culture Change Specialist, Steve Beswick


How to sabotage your culture assessment!


To improve culture, you must first understand the weaker areas, and this means carrying out a culture assessment. My contribution to this subject is to show you how to compromise the assessment and completely devalue the process, much in the style of Chat Magazine having a ‘Kat Moon from EastEnders’ special…



Take a peek

Watch our ‘Activate’ showreel here

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