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Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably?

I’m really pleased to welcome you to the new JOMC blog and hope you find it a stimulating read.

So, when talking about doing this I had to ask myself why now, and why us? Why is JOMC adding its collective voice to the mass of opinion and comment out on the internet?

Well, I think at JOMC we’ve got a unique perspective on the world. We’ve had the privilege of operating across industry now for the last 16 years in all sorts of weird and wonderful places. Stick a flag in the map and you will find that one of our people has probably been there at one time or other – in a hospital, landfill, oil rig, factory, office block, down a mine, on the side of a motorway, up a tree..(the PPE requirements are many!) – engaging with people and helping them face the challenge of stopping injuries, making better products and creating better businesses.

So, making a difference by sharing stories and helping people engage with what they are trying to achieve is what we do and I hope that this blog gives us another outlet to makes us more effective at that.

What you will get is the opinions and stories of our people as they work with organisations around the world and the shared knowledge is something that we encourage you to take away and use in your own businesses.

Comment is appreciated on any one of our posts, good or bad, we welcome the debate!

Mark Ormond
Mark Ormond