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How has your Covid-19 workplace experience shifted since the first Lockdown?   Back in June, we launched the first of our Crisis Culture Insight reports, exploring organisations’ coronavirus challenges and how they were dealing with them. With the crisis continuing and parts of the UK entering a...

Following our last post about virtual engagement, here are our tips to add some vavavoom to your Zoom. Whether you’re running a workshop, leading a training event or getting the team together for a social…   Get the tech right Before you start, check the technology. Do you have a good...

How stories inspire change Human beings have been telling stories for as long as there’s been a language to tell them in. We think in stories, remember in stories, learn in stories and turn just about everything we experience into a story. Dramatic story structure is based on...

By David Mansell, Creative Consultant at Tribe Culture Change When I changed my career from TV to culture change, I was delighted to have found a company that was as committed as I am to embrace the power of story to influence a positive shift in culture. Safety communications have...

Kevin Edwards asks if the Coronavirus crisis is an opportunity for a cultural reset, does organisational start-up provide any clues on how to achieve this? We’ve likely heard the phrases ‘new normal’, ‘next normal’, and even ‘Covid now, Covid next’ many times now.  Leaders are being...

If COVID-19 has sharpened everyone’s focus on risk, how can we harness this and reflect the learnings into a better and safer culture for the future? This was the topic of a fascinating panel discussion that we held last week, with contributions from safety leaders representing...

Ella NilaKanthi Ford explores why a new kind of leadership is needed to help organisations move forward safely in these changing and challenging times. We’re in a new era - at least it feels like it.  The entire business world can press its reset button. ...

As lockdown kicked in, no one saw the Coronavirus crisis as an opportunity. But opinions can change, as the results of a latest Insight document reveal. Early April, 10 days after lockdown began, a ‘zoomful’ of 100 HSE professionals came together on one screen to...

How have people’s attitudes, values and beliefs changed in the last 8 weeks?   In what way will this impact your safety culture - negatively or positively?   How has the COVID crisis masked other H&S risks in your business?   In direct response to our research we are delighted to launch...