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Creating an identity

No matter how important you consider your message to be, if you don’t ‘sell’ it to the workforce, it will get lost in the sea of communication that bombards your colleagues every day.


The first stage is to turn your message into a ‘brand’; give it an identity that people will engage with. Suddenly, a bunch of rules and procedures that you want everyone to follow become tangible, something that everyone can refer to, perceive and touch. The more your colleagues see your brand identity, logo or slogan, the more your message will become part of your company’s language and culture.


218_bae BRANDING

Building the Start Safe, Talk Safe, Home Safe brand for BAE

Accidents were going down at BAE, but not quickly enough. We needed to tackle underlying cultural causes, so we got people out of the classroom, away from PowerPoint presentations and onto the shop floor, thinking about safety right where they work. BAE didn’t want staff to think safety is just about HSE compliance and avoiding prosecution, so we involved employees by seeing things from their perspective.

2,000 staff across 5 sites

Manufacture of dangerous munitions and explosives

Over 95% trained staff have weekly safety conversations

12,000 ‘talk safe’ conversations in one year.

We spent time with the Senior Team to help them articulate their vision for safety. We then distilled this down into three key messages, Start Safe, Talk Safe, Home Safe – our work code for employees to work to and leaders to lead by.


Start Safe – Have everything you need to do your job safely before you start.

Talk Safe –  Speak up about safety and intervene if others work unsafely – you will be supported.

Home Safe – Look for ways to continually improve so we all go home safely every day.


The work code has become part of the everyday language at BAE Munition sites. This one identity successfully encompasses a host of procedures and systems. ‘Talk Safe’ is now the name given to the safety conversations that happen as part of the programme and an annual ‘Start Safe’ campaign gets people focused on safety after the Christmas shut down.


“This unique and creative campaign has got our workforce talking positively about health and safety in a totally different way, which is now starting to have an impact on the way people think and behave.”


Ian Smith, Head of HSE, BAE Systems, Munitions


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