How have people’s attitudes, values and beliefs changed in the last 8 weeks?


In what way will this impact your safety culture – negatively or positively?


How has the COVID crisis masked other H&S risks in your business?


In direct response to our research we are delighted to launch our new PULSE SURVEY Toolkit

The Crisis Culture Pulse Survey, combines Tribe’s unique experience in H&S culture with their latest research on how safety culture is being affected by the Covid 19 Crisis. It will help businesses explore the reality of how people are feeling, behaving and acting as they go through the various stages of the crisis.

The survey is based around the following 4 focus areas:

The Crisis Culture Pulse Check will provide;

– valuable information about how your people are feeling in real time
– how you are doing against the H&S cultural & behavioural challenges arising from the crisis
– a benchmark to measure progress during the different stages of the crisis
– support to help you analyse the data and inform the right solutions to keep colleagues and customers safe and well.

The toolkit is bespoke for each organisation and includes:

An engaging scene setter
A short video or animation to explain what the survey is all about.
Either a voice over animation produced by the Tribe creatives or
A self-i-phone video supported by Tribe director & presenter

A dynamic smart phone optimised survey
A 12 question survey based on four areas: Trust, Mindset, Resilience, Engagement
– You can repeat the survey up to 5 times to allow for regular check-ups

A bespoke dashboard
Full access to personalised results dashboard

5 hours of Analysis & Consultancy
An expert culture change consultant to analyse the feedback
& provide recommendations at 5 x webinar feedback sessions.

Get in touch to learn more and request a proposal for this cost effective tool.