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Film 2011 with Steve Beswick

Film 2011 with Steve Beswick

I’m pleased to announce that our new imaginatively entitled DVD Engagement Scenarios is out on general release. Surprisingly, the DVD comprises videos of… engagement scenarios. That is, conversational situations that SUSA coaches might come across and each one is handled with varying degrees of success.

The video is designed for SUSA coaches to practice strategies for dealing with different situations before they’re faced with these challenges in real-life. It also helps question their own approach in some cases.

Oscar-winning performances

The DVD introduces some lovable coaches who need coaching. View these clips below or on the JOMC YouTube channel.

Mr Know it all: A SUSA coach and fountain of all knowledge who wants to make sure his victim knows that. How would you feel if you were spoken at like this? What does it tell us about the mentality of the coach?

Mr Chatty: The conversation covers the weather, the reorganisation etc. Has this SUSA coach lost his way?

Mr Direct: Verbal traffic is one-way only. What can we learn from such limited interaction?

The DVD also raises the question of psychological impact on a SUSA coach when they discover that they need coaching. The danger here is that if badly handled the coaching process may actually worsen the situation and cause affront to the SUSA coach.

Effective coaching is a skill only acquired through training and years of experience. That’s where we can step in to provide advice on avoiding the most frequent coaching pitfalls.

How to monitor quality of conversations

The DVD shows some common, if exaggerated, ruts that SUSA coaches can easily fall into. Once these faults develop they become an unconscious pattern of habitual behaviour. The resulting conversations are of course next to valueless and in some cases actually destructive. All of this serves to underline the importance of systems for monitoring the quality of conversations, not just the number taking place.

One of the most successful ways to monitor the quality of conversations was pioneered at Northern Foods where lead trainers continue to monitor and mentor the coaches that they have trained.

Another alternative is where an honest broker chooses which people a SUSA coach talks to each month. The honest broker then knows who spoke to whom so they can ask how the conversation went. This method, though somewhat complicated, provides a good quality check and ensures that all areas and personnel in the organisation are covered by SUSA conversations.

Water Meter II (Back With A Vengeance)

The DVD also shows several scenes depicting conversations in what we term difficult environments. Such as carrying out a virtual SUSA where no actual task is in progress. Conversation here is particularly important because most unsafe activity is not seen and only revealed through effective discussion.

You’ll witness this expertly demonstrated in the water meter scene. However, I recommend you avoid the bootleg sequel Water Meter II: Back With A Vengeance, it’s a great disappointment.

Signed photos and autographs

SUSA coaches will find scenes in the DVD familiar and maybe even entertaining but above all instructive. If you particularly enjoy our film then Nick Wharton and I (Steve Beswick) are also available for pantomime bookings this Christmas.

Steve Beswick
Steve Beswick