Following our Webinar on Wednesday 1 April a recording is now available to view at the link below…


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The Coronavirus pandemic is an ever-changing beast. Join like-minded Health and Safety professionals to help us navigate through the challenges it brings.

The Coronavirus crisis is currently driving the biggest change in culture the world has ever seen. We recognise that our clients are having to react to these changes at pace, creating daily risk, uncertainty and extensive business challenges.

While each of our clients faces its own challenges, we believe there is much to be gained from sharing our experiences in this ever-changing situation, so we can learn from each other and start to think about how we can all tackle things head on.

Wednesday Webinars


We are lucky enough to have many valued clients, from a wide variety of industries around the world. To support you through this uncertain period, we are hosting a series of webinars, designed to enable our clients to come together in one shared experience.

Each bi-weekly webinar will allow Health and Safety professionals to come together, to speak about the particular challenges they are facing and how they are continuing to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of their customers and colleagues.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, swap stories and share your own experiences of the crisis so far.

Through these bi-weekly meet ups, we hope to develop a shared understanding of how we engage our workforce and keep colleagues and customers safe in these challenging times.

What are we talking about?

  • Workforce wellbeing – mental health and resilience
  • Operating a business with reduced and changing colleague numbers
  • Business or asset shut down, maintenance and start-up challenges
  • Remote or absent leadership
  • How to engage workers who are partially home based, partially operational
  • Managing customer risks
  • Applying social distancing rules
  • Denial of the new reality and failure to adapt
  • Communication overload
  • Cultural maturity moving backwards, leading to a potential increase in unsafe behaviour and risk, as well as a decrease in effective communication about safety and an increase in anger and distrust.