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Our approach

“Making a difference globally, through a unique combination of art and science, to create cultures of together.”

Imagine a future where a drive for excellence in safety, quality, wellbeing and efficiency are part of your company’s DNA, and safer, smarter behaviour at work is what drives people.


At Tribe, we know that people are at the heart of any organisational change. If you want to change behaviour, you must first change people’s attitudes, values and beliefs.

Challenge, inspire and excite people, find a way to do things differently…

…discover the art and science of culture change


Drawing upon over 20 years of experience, we have helped many major national and international businesses drive sustainable change, minimise incidents, create healthier, more productive workforces and even save lives.

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Our approach


To enable a long-term change in culture and behaviour within an organisation, there are three key factors that matter. Get these three key factors right and you are able to drive the organisation towards a ‘tipping point’; that moment in time where the behaviours start to line up, with all individuals working towards a common and inspiring purpose.

These three key factors are as follows:

Activate / Motivate / Cultivate


Our unique approach combines the science of culture change with the art of creative communication to help companies drive a movement (activate), create momentum (motivate) and sustain it in the long term (cultivate).


It’s all about creating emotive messages that really stick – all backed up by the science of powerful psychology and insightful analysis of your company’s culture.

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On average our clients see a 30% improvement in incident and accident rates within 12 months and an 80% to 90% improvement in 3 to 5 years.


To find out how we can help you today, please give us a call!


Briony Ormond

Sales Director