Following our last post about virtual engagement, here are our tips to add some vavavoom to your Zoom. Whether you’re running a workshop, leading a training event or getting the team together for a social…


  1. Get the tech right

Before you start, check the technology. Do you have a good broadband connection? You’ll need both a fast upload and download speed if you plan to share films, for example. Ask a colleague to let you know what you look and sound like. You may need to upgrade your camera or microphone.

  1. Look good

There are some simple things you can do to improve how you look online. Make sure a light or window is facing you, rather than behind you, otherwise you may appear as a silhouette. Better yet, invest in a selfie light to brighten your face on-screen.

Consider your backdrop, make it professional and appropriate, take the time to find the right space or upload a virtual one. Create and share a branded backdrop or use a photo of the office you used to share. It will save you having to tidy up at home and help to bring you all together as a team.

  1. Be time appropriate

Design your session so it’s broken up by lots of opportunities to engage with people. Create a series of micro-learning bursts and use break out rooms, polls, questions and discussion prompts. There are plenty of apps that you can use to help you do this.

Be practised and prepared. Know the design of your meeting inside out, exactly how to share material and stick to the timings. Make sure a colleague has your presentation and can take over if you lose your connection!

  1. Consider your employees’ wellbeing

Have your team been online all morning? Have they had a break? Are they really present? Include a ‘wellbeing moment’ at the start of each sessions where you check in with your team, see how they are and remind them to switch off distractions, close documents etc.

Encourage everyone to turn their video on. Eye contact is one of the most powerful ways to feel recognised, understood and validated.

  1. Perform!

As the presenter, make sure you look and feel the part. You need to be energised and enthusiastic. You’re a small square on a computer screen so you need to think about how you are coming across.

You will need to be bigger in your performance and easy to watch, so try raising your laptop up (a pile of books will work) and delivering the session standing up!  If you need a quick confidence or energy boost, consider a ‘Power Pose’ before you jump on screen. Give yourself a 1,2,3 and jump into a strong superhero stance that projects you into the mental space required to motivate and engage people.

Want to see all of this in action?  

Register for the next in our series of Virtual Forum Masterclasses, where we will share best practice examples of how to keep a virtual audience engaged.

We will talk about a TV-style live streamed conference for a
Pan-Europe project team and a multimedia event toolkit designed to support a socially distanced stand-down event for an offshore workforce.

10.00 – 10.55 GMT, Wednesday 11th November
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