Ella NilaKanthi Ford - Tribe Culture Change
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Ella NilaKanthi Ford


About Ella NilaKanthi Ford

I am a qualified Coach with a background as an International Executive. With 25 years' experience, following a successful first career in Television, Advertising and Public Relations, I have led US$million mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and disposals in emerging markets. Subsequently, I have designed and delivered large global leadership development, safety culture and business transformation programmes on all continents. I have combined my cross-sectorial, commercial knowledge in multiple sectors, with a strong understanding of neuroscience, behavioural and change management practices. I recently co-authored a book on Leadership and Neuroscience ‘Performance Edge’ and am completing a book on ‘Leadership working across international cultures’. Among my hobbies is a passion for sailing and I have raced yachts worldwide.

Consultant, Consultants