Jenny Lunt - Tribe Culture Change
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Jenny Lunt


About Jenny Lunt

I’ve a Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology, a Chartered Health Psychologist and Registered Health Psychologist with the Health Care Professions Council. I’m on the Editorial Board of Occupational Medicine and Health Affairs and have being applying Health Psychology to Health and Safety for approximately 15 years in research, training and consultancy. Much of that was as a Principal Psychologist for the Health and Safety Laboratory (part of the Health and Safety Executive). I like to explore the relevance of new evidence on behaviour change to Health and Safety. I am regularly invited to speak at conferences at national and international levels and have published in peer-reviewed journals, books and industry magazines. Specialist subjects: Behavioural Safety; Behavioural Health; Safety & Health Culture (Assessment, Strategy, Organisational Change/Intervention planning); Wellbeing at Work/Healthy Organisations (inclusive of stress prevention, resilience, retention and return to work and health promotion; Human error - (inclusive of mindfulness and behavioural insights); Worker Involvement/Engagement (e.g. especially against workforce diversity); Leadership

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