Nick Wharton - Tribe Culture Change
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Nick Wharton

Lead Consultant

About Nick Wharton

My role is to manage our excellent group of experienced and knowledgeable consultants, as well as overseeing the development of the many and varied new tools and approaches we use to help in getting the safety message across and achieving Culture Change. I feel privileged to have worked with a really wide range of businesses in many different industries and to have had the opportunity to travel extensively abroad including the Middle East, India, Russia, Africa and USA. What I really enjoy about this job, what makes it special, is seeing the ‘light bulbs’ come on, especially with previously cynical people. Outside of work, some of my main passions are cycling, rock climbing and ski mountaineering, all of which give me a unique insight into the requirement for an ongoing, dynamic risk assessment and clearly demonstrate that safety doesn’t stop you doing things – it is an enabler that means you can do all sorts and be around to tell the tale afterwards. Specialist subjects: Engagement and Leadership in Safety.

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