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A school containing millions of fish, swimming in unions,
appears to its predators as one very big fish!



Here’s what our clients like about us…


“I was thoroughly impressed by the professional way in which the event was staged and by the level of engagement that was achieved with the attendees. Professional actors played out a number of scenes relating to an accident on site, the approach of the management team and of the operatives on site.  It was clear that this format gained 100% engagement from the attendees. (There was none of the glazing over that can occur if staff are pulled in for a day of presentation after presentation)…


… I think that it was the best safety event that I have ever attended, certainly something that we can learn from.”


Keith Roddy, NCPMS, Commercial Services Manager, Environment Agency



“They can take a general outline brief and turn it into something special and unique. The work they have produced for our culture change programme has got our workforce talking positively about health and safety in a totally different way, which is now starting to have an impact on the way people think and behave.”


Ian Smith, Head of HSE, BAE Systems

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What makes humans tick? How are attitudes changing towards ‘Elf and Safety’? Why was one woman eating a bowl of cereal while cycling…?




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