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We had a great turn out for this event on the 17th June

Could the new COVID risk mindset be a catalyst for change in Safety Culture?


You can download the PODCAST HERE


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Here are some key thoughts & messages that where discussed:


  • COVID is such an emotive message – because it touches us all, what can we learn from this to help drive that passion into other safety risks?


  • People working from home are seeing aspects of colleagues home life that wouldn’t normally be privy to (meeting the kids, pets, partners) it is driving more personal interactions and improving the way teams work together.


  • “How are you?” is getting asked more often, we’re getting more honest answers & were listening better and using what we learn to improve things. Leaders are realising the link between good mental health and better teams / productivity.


  • There has been ‘super-human’ performance from some leaders & teams, but can we keep up with the pace in the long term – how can we be more Mo Farah and less Usain Bolt?


  • After a good start incidents and accidents are on the increase again.  We need to act with pace to harness the positives, so that people don’t slip back into “normal’ rather than a ‘New normal’


  • Could the increase be related to the mental health (and mindset) of people returning to work?


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We recorded this fascinating discussion where industry experts explored the varied degrees to which individual attitudes, values and beliefs have been affected by the crisis.

Mark Ormond Managing Director hosted the session with panellists including Senior Safety leaders from a cross section of Industries Construction, Waste & Telecoms as well as some of Tribes highly experience Culture Change Consultants.

Click the image below to hear and download the podcast.

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