A salesperson’s job is to convince others to buy their particular product in preference to other competing offerings in the market-place. If we consider safety as our product in our roles as safety managers, supervisors and leaders then there’s much to be learned from the craft of sales.

In the case of safety, our competitors might include convenience, saving time, being comfortable, and fitting in with the crowd. Our customers are in a position to make their choices every day, if we’re there to encourage them, they’ll probably choose our product. But when left to their own devices, who knows what path they might take?

Sticky note that reads ' sell it!'

As a safety salesperson you must take that role seriously. So how much effort do you put into developing your sales technique? Below are some characteristics of a great salesperson that we can all learn something from.

The Great Salesperson

  • Has passion and enthusiasm for a product along with a wholehearted belief that their product is worth every penny invested in it by the customer.
    • How do you demonstrate passion, enthusiasm & belief for safety at your workplace?
  • Is always willing to talk to potential customers. The more imminent their need, the more urgently they will talk to them. They would never knowingly pass up an opportunity.
    • Who are your potential customers and how should you talk to them?
    • When is their need for this product most important?
  • Has integrity and builds trust amongst their customer base – by straight-talking and honesty and not going behind the backs of customers.
    • How do you build trust amongst your customer base?
  • Listens to their customers so that they understand their competing needs and the challenges they face.
    • What competing needs and challenges face your customers and where do these come from?
  • Has empathy with potential customers and is able to see the world from a customers’ perspective.
    • How do you demonstrate empathy?
  • Modifies and adapts their product so that it is most suitable to individual customers and it is packaged in a way that makes it irresistible.
    • Why should we modify and adapt our product?
    • Why is appeal and how it is presented so important?
  • Provides on-going support and a great follow-up service to customers so that they keep coming back for more.
    • Do you take care of your customers with ongoing after-sales service to keep them engaged?
  • Is persistent in their mission to convert all potential customers to using their product and not the other products available in the same market place (comfort, saving time, ease etc).
    • How do you convert a potential customer?
  • Takes personal responsibility for their results. When someone has failed to use their product, the first question would be “what more could I have done to persuade them?”
    • What more can you do when people don’t choose what you offer them?
  • Is committed to the ongoing sales process, the objective being sustainable domination of the market not just the quick easy wins along the way.
    • What are your long-term safety objectives?