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Toolbox Talks re-invented and delivered on a smart phone – wherever your team are working.


For teams working from home, videos calls are proving to be a really good way to keep people connected.  But what about those colleagues who are out and about, delivering essential services?

We are hearing from many of our clients that remote workers are relying on their smart phones to stay connected, but Joining a video call on your phone… just isn’t such a great experience.

Previously managers relied on toolbox talks and team huddles to get important messages across to their teams. But getting people together for a briefing is almost impossible when you factor in the new social distancing rules.


As a result many frontline staff are feeling increasingly left out in the cold!




To fill the gap, we have created a brand new tool we are calling an Espresso Moment. It’s a short, engaging awareness tool for team members, designed to connect, motivate and raise awareness, a shot of inspiration to perk up your team.

It’s optimised for viewing on a smart phone screen and designed to take 5-10 minutes to engage with. The same time you’d take to have a coffee and a chat with colleague!


Espresso Moment’s can include:
– a short film or animation
– helpful hints and tips
– thought provoking questions
– suggestions for activities
– results, photos/video sharing 


To provide maximum flexibility, it can be programmed as a standalone awareness tool or set up for an administer to manage two-way feedback.


Request more information by contacting Briony Ormond
or call on 07866 586710.

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