With the best of intentions, the clearest vision – even the right resources in place – your organisation’s safety performance can still fall short of where you want it to be. And despite all your best efforts, people still behave unsafely.

How come?

20+ years of experience tells us it’s usually down to miscommunication, competing priorities and poor levels of engagement with staff. And those three ubiquitous factors become co-conspirators in distorting your safety message as it spreads throughout your organisation.

It begins (and ends) with leaders

Your leaders, whether they recognise it or not, have incredible influence at every level of your organisation. From directors in the boardroom, right down to shop floor managers, what leaders practice in their day-to-day line of duty counts for much more than what they preach.

And it’s this theme that we’ll be exploring, live on-stage at the upcoming IOSH 2016 Conference on 21-22 June, fresh from the merger of JOMC and Hill-Solomon into Tribe Culture Change. Featuring a mixture of 360° digital walkthroughs, video and live theatre, Nick Wharton, Steve Beswick and cast take you, the audience, on an interactive tour of a workplace familiar to all.

Contrasting the good, the bad and the ugly of what leaders say (and what they really mean), they show you how to observe and challenge the hidden attitudes that influence their behaviour, the messages they give out to staff, and how that ultimately affects the way people do their jobs – safely or otherwise.

Come along at 2.55pm-3.35pm (day 2) on Track A (‘How to influence – internally and externally’) and get inspired to:

  • Identify where your challenges lie
  • Ensure your leaders get their message understood clearly
  • Deploy new tools for deeper engagement between leaders and staff

This short, yet powerful 40 minute session demonstrates the scope and potential for innovative tools like 360° walkthroughs and video to deliver impactful training and inductions to your workforce. During Nick and Steve’s delivery, we think you’ll also witness the future of high-quality employee engagement (and the death knell of dull, 150-slide PowerPoint presentations!)

If you want your safety message to be listened to, understood and acted upon effectively, join us for ‘A leadership journey from the boardroom to the shop floor’ on Wednesday 22nd June, 2.55pm at IOSH 2016 Conference.