mark ormond managing director tribe culture change

“How long does culture change take?” “When will I start seeing culture change results?” These are questions the team at Tribe Culture Change hear frequently. Managing Director, Mark Ormond, shares their approach to culture change – and how to make change stick for the long term…  

 At Tribe, we work with organisations to help them journey through the stickiness curve. You’ll see the curve features the five levels of cultural maturity.  

At level one, the approach to health, safety and wellbeing is unfocused meaning there’s little thought given to it. At the other end of the scale is level five, the ultimate goal, when health, safety and wellbeing is a core part of your organisational DNA. 

There are various stalling points along the way – where the culture change fails to stick – but when an organisation reaches level four, behaviours begin to align and a ‘tipping point’ occurs. That’s when people begin doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. It’s when there’s enough momentum and the new set of behaviours, values and beliefs are firmly glued in place. 

Everything we do at Tribe is focused on understanding where organisations are on their stickiness journey, creating different desired behaviours, and then devising ways to make those desired behaviours stick. Making learning interactive, memorable and engaging are good ways to create a long-term change in behaviours. 

Where do you think your organisation currently sits on the stickiness curve?