Environmental Behaviour Change

What is Environmental Behaviour Change?

Operational efficiency and keeping up with regulations including the UK government’s 2050 net-zero carbon ambitions are driving companies’ sustainability plans. The frontrunners are working with employees to encourage environmental culture change, a sense of ownership and show that the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

To achieve authentic environmental results, organisations must unite to reach this shared goal and there’s the reinforcement of a positive work culture.

Encouraging positive environmental culture change

Our approach to supporting clients achieve this culture change is through getting employees to proactively focus on activities that have a positive environmental impact, while also being commercially viable to support customers now and in the future.

It’s about connecting with your people by winning hearts and minds and enabling them to take ownership of making the environmental culture change.

Perhaps the strategy actions involve people making a pledge to change their behaviours at work and home – be that through reducing plastic consumption or taking fewer flights – or initiating a car sharing scheme for commuting.

By weaving environmental considerations into your business, they become a fundamental part of your company culture and a key driver for sustainable success as well a competitive advantage.

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“Behavioural change is part of climate action. Some of that comes down to what we do as individuals, and some of it is what needs to happen to make things easier for us, because we can’t assume that there’s going to be dramatic personal behaviour change unless we can make some way of making that easier, so that the green choice is actually easy choice.”

Sir Patrick Vallance, UK’s Chief Scientific Adviser

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