How to change workplace culture:

Our Approach

On average, our clients see 30% fewer incidents after one year and 85% less in 3-5 years.

There are many elements that go into creating a workplace culture but we know that people are at the heart of any organisational change. If you want to change behaviour, you must first change people’s attitudes, values and beliefs.

Our Approach to Culture Change

Our unique three-stage approach lets you ‘Activate’ your culture change programme with all of the resources you need to get to the heart of your existing culture; ‘Motivate’ your workforce with creative and engaging communications and ‘Cultivate’ change for the long term with our continuous improvement programmes.

Underpinning this is our unique method of combining the science of culture change with the art of creative communication. Read our client stories to find out how.

And with our online consultancy platform, Chrysalis Culture Hub, organisations have access to a wealth of support, tools and materials to drive and take ownership of their culture change journey and sustain it in the long term.

Activate, Motivate, Cultivate ®

our approach to culture change - activate, motivate, cultivate
Before you start to think about changing the way people behave, you first need a clear view of where your culture is today.

We’ll help you activate your culture change programme, bring your leaders on board and devise a strategy and long-term road map. You’ll receive powerful messaging to launch your new vision and drive the behaviours required to realise a change in people’s attitudes, values and beliefs.

Culture assessment

Assessing the existing workplace culture is vital. This involves a thorough analysis of your organisation’s current attitudes, values and beliefs.

  • Questions and logistics planning
  • Focus groups
  • Survey promotion
  • Benchmarking

Senior leadership engagement

Getting your leaders’ 100% buy-in to any change in culture is critical. Without leaders’ continued re-enforcement, the change won’t stick.

  • Inspirational storytelling programmes
  • Conversation skills coaching
  • Personal development plans
  • Just culture programmes

Strategy and planning

We work with your key stakeholders to agree the strategy, programme and create an engagement roadmap, with timelines for development and deployment.

  • Strategy documents
  • Communication road mapping
  • Chairing committees
  • Regular webinar support

Culture and vision messaging

We pull everything together with a set of creative, sticky messages to make the programme tangible and relevant, while providing clear and simple guidance, allowing everyone to get involved.

  • Programme identities
  • Work code infographics
  • Golden rules programmes
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client story
client story
motivate approach to culture change
Drive the change at every level of your business, with a range of tools, technology and workshops – all based on insightful analysis of your company’s culture.

Address any skills gaps by using our coaching, training and communications. We raise awareness with messages that really stick and help you nudge the behaviours that will make all the difference.

Leadership support

While your leaders may be committed to the programme and understand their important role, they’re likely to need some support identifying the practical things they can do differently as an individual and as part of a team.

  • Influential storytelling
  • Leadership coaching plans
  • Immersive virtual reality workshop
  • Interactive workshops

Employee awareness

Once you’ve identified the behaviours to drive the difference at each level of the business, your communications and awareness must carefully nudge people, remind them and sell them the benefits.

  • Walk-through inductions
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Accident recreation
  • Hero storytelling

Supervisor briefing tools

Our bespoke training and coaching workshops improve Supervisors’ and middle managers’ presentation confidence and engagement skills.

  • Huddle cards
  • Near miss and bright ideas boards
  • Point of work nudge campaigns
  • Augmented reality

Interactive training

We believe training should be highly engaging, memorable and ‘sticky’ – whether sessions are delivered in-person or virtually. We bring people on a learning experience, including time for reflection and self-discovery.

  • E-learning programmes
  • Live and virtual events
  • Inspirational speakers
  • Bespoke film
  • Viral video campaigns
client story
client story
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cultivate – approach to culture change
Cultivate the culture change for the long term, with measurable continuous improvement programmes.

We’ll help you coach and support your senior leaders, managers and supervisors to have regular health, safety and wellbeing conversations and encourage communication between colleagues and teams, so it becomes a natural part of everyone’s day.

Celebrate your success with Reward and Recognition schemes, as well as Champions programmes that use engaging tools and techniques to drive the ‘tipping point’, where your people do the right thing… because they know it’s the right thing to do.

Conversation coaching

There’s a real art to having effective conversations. When leaders get these right, they can drive trust, openness and accountability around health, safety and wellbeing.

  • Personal improvement plans
  • Advanced health, safety and wellbeing conversation coaching
  • Moderating conversations on peer to peer sharing platforms

Champion development

We help you identify individuals who will engage and inspire others. We train them to understand their role in driving the change and provide them with the soft skills to coach colleagues.

  • Huddle cards
  • Toolbox talks
  • Interactive presentation tools
  • 360 film

Reward and recognition

When you recognise and reward great health, safety and wellbeing, you build a powerful source of good stories to be  shared and retold again and again.

  • Scheme branding, planning and development
  • Hero programmes
  • Filmed stories and engagement tools

Measuring success

Your culture assessment benchmark provides a concrete way to measure overall progress. We recommend you re-assess your culture after 18 months to update your plan to reflect the maturity stage you have reached.

  • E-learning programmes
  • Live and virtual events
  • Inspirational speakers
  • Bespoke film
  • Viral video campaigns
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client story
Honeywell Aerospace client story

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