Project Description

Garry Satterley


My role is to manage and meet our clients’ expectations for the culture change programme, ensuring it is inspiring and engaging so that it will quickly be embedded into their business. I do this by using the varied tools and approaches we have developed to get the behavioural message across in all aspects of business Culture Change.

I have 32 years experience in the industry at management level and feel privileged to have worked with a really wide range of businesses in many different industries and to have had the opportunity to travel extensively abroad including India, Russia, China, and Egypt. What I really enjoy about this job, what makes it special, is seeing the ‘light bulbs’ come on, and then returning to review the progress that has been made and enjoying the successes that they are having.

Outside of work, some of my main passions are singing choral music, going to concerts, events, walking and time with family and friends. Our outside passions should drive us all to develop the right behaviors to achieve these and enjoy our families growing up. Specialist subjects: Behavioural Engagement, Coaching and Leadership in multi business disciplines.