Project Description

‘Better Together’ culture change across six countries

The COBRAcable project was a complicated joint venture with principal contractors Tennet in the Netherlands, and Energinet in Denmark. It involved contractors from six different countries, each with their own company cultures, as well as very different national characteristics and behavioural norms. The challenge was to bring these cultures together to ensure safe workplaces for all.

Our team of creative and strategic consultants worked with the project leads to create and deliver a safety culture strategy and communications programme to support the length of the project. Working with a steering team comprising representatives from each contractor, we provided help and guidance to keep the culture alive through each stage of the project.

We supported the launch of their ‘Better Together’ behavioural framework, bi-annual stand down events and the production of a quarterly update bulletin. As the project swelled in numbers, we identified and trained champions to mentor and support work teams and embed the behaviours on site.

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