Project Description

Rolling out ultra-fast connection 

Openreach runs the UK’s largest digital network and connects 10 million homes, businesses and public services to the online world.    

To make this possible, a team of 38,000 people are working daily to physically lay the ultra-fast, fibre optic cable network in the ground and overhead, across the UK.

Tribe initially started work with Openreach in June 2021 with a safety culture assessment. Then in March 2022, to minimise risk and prevent accidents, Tribe was given the huge task of working with these 38,000 people to make key health, safety and wellbeing behaviours stick.


The culture assessment process began in earnest in September 2021 which saw Tribe pay visits to sites across the UK from Scotland and Wales to Norfolk and right down to Cornwall. The team undertook interviews with those on the frontline to understand the current culture within the workforce. This helped to identify the key levers for change. Tribe was asked to create a pilot workshop to shift the current culture.


Tribe consultants and creative teams designed a Health and Safety brand that everyone in Openreach could relate to: ‘Everyone Home Safe and Well’ and identified four Everyday Behaviours and 12 Life Saving Rules which were non-negotiable.

The Tribe team then created a motivational film to explain why these Everyday Behaviours and Life Saving Rules had an important part to play in getting Everyone Home Safe and Well.

Finally, Tribe team worked with the Openreach Health and Safety team to create a motivational workshop which brought these Everyday Behaviours to life and explained why the Life Saving Rules were so essential.

The workshop even had a provoking film interwoven throughout the sessions. This interactive workshop helped delegates understand how seemingly unconnected individual behaviours can lead to serious incidents.

Tribe produced a film based on an actual series of events which occurred within Openreach but filmed a thought-provoking ending. This then opened the topic up for discussion.

With just a two-month lead time, initially 15 Tribe facilitators successfully delivered the sessions to 6000 delegates within the first six months. Tribe facilitators then trained 31 in-house Openreach trainers to continue this work. 27,000 colleagues  attended the sessions by the end of 2023. The entire workforce will have attended by March 2024.

Tribe Lead Consultant, Kanthi Ford, says:

“Taking up the challenge and delivering so much in such a short time felt like a great achievement. We saw so many people who attended the workshop shift their thinking about health, safety and wellbeing, so they talked as well as behaved differently – which is great to ensure Everyone Home Safe and Well and exactly why we do what we do.”

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