Project Description

National and global culture change
for a multinational retailer

As a leading multinational retailer and a household name we’ve all stepped foot inside a Tesco store. With more than 345,000 employees, Tesco aim to serve customers every day with affordable, healthy and sustainable food.

We began working with Tesco Maintenance and then went on to support the company globally.

Tesco Maintenance

The 15,000-strong team at Tesco Maintenance provide support to over 3,500 Tesco and One Stop stores, Distribution Centres, Tesco Banks and offices across the UK. Roles span building surveyors, fit-out specialists, engineers, electricians and refrigeration experts to name a few.

Tribe carried out a two-year programme where we delivered a culture assessment which identified areas of excellence and areas needing improvement. To address the improvement areas, we worked with Tesco Maintenance to deliver a series of tactical interventions including senior leadership workshops and an ambassador programme.

Working with Tesco globally

We’ve now delivered culture assessments for Tesco in many countries across the globe and based on the gaps identified, delivered innovative, sticky activities and communications.

Store hot-housing

Tesco identified specific stores to take part in a hot-housing project. We worked with the in-store teams to create spaces of cultural excellence over nine months.

In each identified store, we ran a range of interventions including VR (virtual reality) sessions, huddle cards, we trained health and safety ambassadors and delivered site-specific communications materials raising specific health, safety and wellbeing issues.

Following this project, a recommendation was made to roll the project out across the whole Tesco business.

Behavioural posters

To change an organisation’s culture, you need to change people’s behaviours. Tesco asked us to create a series of posters to be translated and used globally in all their stores.

Communications must be ‘sticky’ or engaging to have an impact. Using puns as headlines, our posters spanned issues such as not using phones while driving and making sure people were safe when moving cages in warehouses and on the shop floor.


  • A 75% reduction in incidents during the two years we worked with Tesco Maintenance.
  • Stores involved in the hot-housing project climbed the cultural maturity ladder and incident levels dropped significantly over the nine months.

“I’ve worked with Tribe for a number of years and I believe they genuinely care about making a difference to the safety of colleagues and customers at Tesco.”

Karen Lindley
Health and Safety Culture Manager, Tesco

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