Project Description

Improving Uber’s health
and safety standards in London

With operations in around 72 countries and 10,500 cities, Uber provides taxi services, food delivery, package delivery and freight transportation services.

Tribe worked with Uber to support their operations in London. Uber are always looking to continuously improve their health and safety standards.

Culture assessment

A culture assessment explores respondents’ attitudes, values and beliefs around health, safety and wellbeing. It usually covers how proactive an organisation is in preventing issues and incidents, and how empowered individuals feel to take ownership.

But in this case, Uber wanted compliance and regulatory aspects covered so we tailored our culture assessment framework to meet their needs and included specific compliance questions in addition to the usual topics.


Tribe’s final report and recommendations echoed the unique nature of this culture assessment. Uber are using the recommendations to form the basis of their future plan and Tribe are supporting them where needed.

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