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When persistent problems plague your organisation, talking your way out of the rut might seem like the least productive fix. Yet involving people in the process of improvement through conversation is a powerful way to rediscover what’s most important to your organisation’s success. David Jackson is...

There's a mistaken perception that culture change only benefits big organisations, denying smaller organisations the dramatic improvements it makes to safety, efficiency and quality. "It's not true; culture change definitely benefits us" says Stephen Binns, logistics manager at Ashland Inc.'s Bradford site. The site’s 40 employees...

Surviving economic storms of recent years meant tough cutbacks for many of us. And when internal budgets were squeezed, health and safety felt the effects too. [caption id="attachment_1672" align="alignright" width="150" caption=" "][/caption] "Culturally, we'd made huge strides, but during that period of restructuring things appeared to go...

[caption id="attachment_1630" align="alignleft" width="429"] [/caption] In 2012 Albis UK was awarded the prestigious Sword of Honour by the British Safety Council after their sucessful five star health and safety audit. But their journey to safety culture maturity wasn’t without early challenges: "We had a strong safety...

“Regulation meant we had every procedure, process, and safety mechanism in the book - but that gave us a false sense of security, that we were completely safe. The sad reality was that our people were hurting themselves to get the job done.” Sean Trainor led...

Failures which lead to the BP Texas City disaster of 2005 were a sobering reminder for all of us who work in safety. Yet for Frank Penketh of BAE Global Combat Systems Munitions, at a conference studying the incident's aftermath, it was a catalyst for...