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Mark Ormond helps you build a strong justification for your health and safety budget with compelling HSE and real-world figures....

Excellent safety processes and procedures are important, but alone they aren’t enough to change embedded attitudes, values and beliefs that lurk behind persistent unsafe behaviour in your organisation. “Accidents were going down, but not quickly enough. We realised that you have to tackle underlying cultural causes....

Asking your workforce what they really think about safety sounds like a straightforward way to begin improving attitudes and unsafe behaviour. And with online surveys now quick and easy to build at the click a button it’s tempting to send out a questionnaire and just...

People were quick to blame the Costa Concordia’s captain when it ran aground and sank off the Italian coast. But in the haste to point fingers, blame culture fogged the real issue of poor risk assessment which contributed to the disaster. “One hundred years after the...

Not the most thrilling dinner party conversation I'll grant you (depending upon your social circle of course), but a topic that holds considerable importance in the world of health and safety. In fact, the closer you look at the implications of what insurance represents, the...

Where’s safer to work: an exposed quarry or a comfortable office? Like most people, do you perceive your office as the safest place to work? Well surprisingly, this isn’t always the case. We find that more incidents happen in administrative functions than in any other division...

Apart from the obvious moral benefit, why should you invest in a safety culture change programme? What do you get back on the bottom line? How can you persuade management of its benefits and put this in financial terms? These questions might sound familiar, because it’s...